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Money and self serving rationalizations Harvey Weinstein

The public  spectacle of Weinstein’s unmasking of his being  a sexual predator has lead to a lot of finger pointing of those who were complicit in keeping the truth away from the public. But more relevant is why is someone who is very successful professionally have to go the next step to cross the line what is missing in their life’s ambition once  the excessive  money has become the norm, along with it great power to get anything you want.


Sexual predators are emotionally isolated so along with success is the accompanying meaningless of everything. How to fill the void. Like any addiction it then has a life of its own. In Harvey Weinstein’s case he is semi denial which prevents him being accountable. Sadly the only joy left is to exploit the vulnerable which numbs the emptiness.

The scary thing is people are dazzled by his external success, out of fear and greed climb on the bandwagon of complicity. Normal behaviour is secondary to the need get money so people sell themselves out without a care of the impact on the victim. In this case women may have been involved in turning a blind eye

Listening their tales of being abused and the of shame, fear and isolation brings us back to full and gross reality of the situation. Like any form of abuse outsiders like to minimise its impact. While Weinstein may end up jail, those who  facilitated his acts need to look in mirror and maybe ask themselves would they want their daughter to experience such shame and personal disgust.

Source Journal of management



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