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Callous Indifference: Decriminalising domestic violence in Russia

Russia  has announced it will decriminalize some  domestic  violence if it doesn’t cause serious  physical harm. Current  western  thought indicates that emotional abuse in many ways is more damaging than physical violence. The probability is that there is more  emotional abuse  than physical abuse so this will affect many families. The  effects of  emotional abuse on women is to cause fear, low self esteem, depression and possible  suicides as there is a long shadow cast as a result of  abuse such as screaming  matches.


The  effects are even more serious on children, particularly when  they are very young as too much fear in an environment causes permanent physiological damage in brain wiring.  Certain  brain receptors  don’t  get developed such as Gaba receptors limiting the amount of self  soothing  neurochemicals  that can be absorbed in the brain, mirror neurons  don’t grow limiting  empathy, the vagus nerve between the  brain and the heart gets stunted limiting the connection between head and heart. The child is less grounded. The child’s natural defense  mechanisms are severely compromised. The ACE study a few years ago shows that those with adverse childhood experiences  can expect a troubled and shorter life. Russians a s whole live  shorter lives than the west and their level of  alcoholism is very high.

All this leads to a lower level of  life  satisfaction. The scientific  evidence of  the  damage is over whelming. In conjunction with this  is a high level of physical violence. It is estimated 9000 women a year are killed by angry husbands. This  is called: returning to family values. Go figure.


Source: NBC


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