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OUR AUTOMATED FUTURE: How long will it be before you lose your job to a robot?

While the politicians rant on about losing jobs to cheap overseas labour, the real truth about losing jobs keeps on rolling ever forwards and that is the expansion of robotics at the expense of labour.




In the future  there will be four types of work: manual routine  work such as working  robots in a factory, manual non routine  such as emptying bedpans and then cognitive routine would keeping track of inventory and finally the cognitive non routine  such as advertising or doctors or lawyers. Whether it is Canada, the US or  Mexico or China the automation process will move into high gear.

What is this going to mean? One of our most basic  needs is to create food and shelter, at the other end of the scale is self actualisation which means doing what you like best as well as you can> Unfortunately the current wave of global anger is focussed on unfair trade deals. This anger is real and is likely to become very destructive as autocratic politicians grab hold of opportunities for power and manipulate the population with only fear based solutions. This ultimately will self destruct as society becomes  even more divided between the haves and the have nots. Along with it is a lot of hate and violence. Those areas  with high unemployment have high crime and addiction problems, reflecting the helplessness of the  people.

In anger management learning to control anger is only the first step. Beyond that requires a capability to re invent oneself. The brain has to focus on creating something new rather than just surviving. A man waiting in a space of helpless “angst”  will perpetuate his anger. A man who can ask himself the difficult question of “What do I have to do to move out of this place?” will replace his anger with sense of personal accomplishment.

Source: New Yorker


One comment on “OUR AUTOMATED FUTURE: How long will it be before you lose your job to a robot?

  1. A lot of on-the-money stuff there.
    In some circles this evolution is referred to as “Industrial Revolution 4.0.” It’s the long forecast take-over by the machines to “free” humanity. The next phase of this will be the fully thinking machine.
    So therefore – now we have technology that can totally automate manufacturing. The next evolution will be able to independently plan, execute and manage the manufacturing facility without any human input.
    The EU Parliament has recently been considering many of the factors of that next evolution.
    Consider that the first autonomous cars are but months away. Transport trucks likewise. They’ll likely run independently on the highways at first and humans will take over getting them from a highway hub to a delivery or pick-up point. But as network infrastructure that allows vehicles to talk to the network and other vehicles and visa-versa is installed – We’ll have everything we need for the driverless future.
    In terms of us human units, we need to figure out a way to sustain ourselves… The Guaranteed Annual Income (GAI) that is being discussed in many forms is part of that. This will be essential not only to avert poverty – but also to maintain the Consumer Economy on which the big corporations depend for their sustenance.
    And lest we think that this is “future stuff,” the North American steel industry has had roughly the same output since the beginning of the 1980s. Yet, since then, they’ve shed 70% of the jobs. Those jobs didn’t go “overseas.” They went to robots. A modern steel plant virtually runs itself today.

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