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Welcome to the age of anger

It is both interesting and scary to watch the current political tides all over the  mirror the same issues that come up and on the micro scale  between people in anger management. The political temper that is sweeping  North America and Europe is one of  fear and anger. A combination of impotent  frustration along with a need to lash out in rage produces  consequences that are not going to help the majority and will benefit a few who know  how to manipulate the system. In this environment of  various a power plays  many people get hurt. If history is any guide (and it always has been), then things will get much uglier before they turn around. Peoples  frustration in the 1930’s coupled with weak leadership, and isolation against powerful demagogues lead to the wars.


Credit line (HTML Code): © Atholpady | Dreamstime.com Title: Angry man Description: Closeup portrait of angry man screaming, with fist in air, isolated on white background with copy space Photo taken on: June 08th, 2013     ID:     32373702     Level:     1     Views :     30     Downloads:     0     Model released:     YES     Content filtered:     NO Keywords (Report | Suggest) battle powerful slug loud professional boss fist boxer fighter power angry strong chief competitive business stress yell worker leader attack aggressor shouting leadership anger ethnic scream hispanic scold strength emotion manager businesspeople knock fight people air postal boxing man arabic mexican frustration egypitan asian businessman corporate indian conflict mad executive aggressive male aggression




In domestic fights there is a need to win and to make the other lose. This is coupled with revenge for perceived wrongs by the other is a focus on hurting the other before looking for solutions. The damage is often horrendous. Why should it be any different this time around? Powerful angry leaders lead roughshod over a manipulated public. Alliances of thugs carry a lot of weight as they are motivated by greed, fear and hate. It is easy stir up other’s fears as our biology is wired to attack when we don’t feel safe. In the  1930’s the enemy was the unfair peace after the first world war. Today the enemy  is any-one of a different racial background, be they be black, Jewish, Chinese or pro-multinational entities such the EU.

The cry is attack, shoot first and  don’t look at the consequences. How often does this happen in the kitchen or the bedroom? Thinking it will be different is a fools game.

Source: The Guardian


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