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Attunement and women

In this brave new world of feminism some things remain the same. While it appears women look to some as the master race. Women still need men who are interested in them. Relationships fall apart  when she feels lonely  and isolated  and she asks herself: do I need  this?





A woman’s biology still says that two are  better than one and what does it take for a man to be interested in her? Particularly when he really doesn’t understand her. Her nagging can put him off, her not  regarding him as a hero can put him off. But how interested is he in her?

This requires  am an giving up the  need to control, plus he doesn’t need to understand. He does need to listen her without being defensive. Even when he thinks she is crazy, so what ?that’s how she is.

Does she want good sex? If the answer is ‘yes’ then emotionally he is required to listen, be interested and not judgemental. When  he gets judgemental she feels emotionally threatened and she gets turned off. His frustrations and anger lead to that isolation. In anger management ‘consequences’ are  big deal. What does the man want? She is who she is, the smartest thing is for him to be attuned to her, generally she will give what he wants back in spades. Unfortunately his own unrecognised  emotional needs get in the way so he gets angry that she isn’t  being  who ‘she should’ be. What is his neediness about that prevents him from listening to who she is?


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