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Eating and anger

If a man is hungry or if he is fat  then these are opposite ends of  a spectrum around food.  However from an anger management perspective they make  getting angry too quickly much worse. Biology plays strange  tricks and if it is respected then maybe just maybe there can be some self control on getting mad.

396 junk food





Generally people who are over weight suffer from signs of depression. Eating fills the emotional void and moves people from feeling empty and irritable to feeling more content. So when one is hungry it is easy to get irritable  quickly. What is happening is that when body is low on sugar and the brain sends out messages  based on unconscious  fear of survival and starvation back to the body to produce certain hormones. One of these is adrenalin which makes cortisol which is the  stress hormone. So as the  stress level goes up the man gets more and more edgy.

The overweight man makes his brain less efficient as part of the brain’s structure breaks down. The brain has grey and white matter which control the passing of information in the brain and making smart decisions. Too much obesity makes  fat. Too much fat  breaks down this white and grey matter. This makes the brain less efficient. Then there is less control so there are no brakes when the man is upset .

So if a man is too fat or too hungry he is putting himself in a vulnerable position. He is not  protecting himself. He gets moody  and makes bad decisions.

Don’t blame her

Source: National Post



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