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Brexit and anger

It appears that the British Brexit caught people by surprise. And yet viewing it from an anger management perspective one shouldn’t be surprised. People were caught off guard because they were unwilling to listen. Those  in power  who were doing very well, wanting to keep it that way decided “We know  what is best for you” . Which  means “I will put you down to get what I want”. How often do similar sentiments occur in the kitchen or the bedroom?

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In order to make a point one side shouts down the other. Then there are consequences. The Brexitewrs were very angry as their perspective on life was different from the rest. They were not happy and nobody listened. Like the wife who keeps nagging because the man continues to ignore  what upsets her.

A basic premise in anger management is learning how to listen. But we get carried away with our fears of losing something that we don’t listen, we shout/ignore or worse. After a fight there follows some guilt or remorse which is beginning to set in in England.

Empathy means being able to see the other person’s point of view. Often their truth is unpalatable so it gets dismissed. The focus becomes laser like “I must get what I want”, “I have to win” Using arguments “You will regret it” are self serving and patronising, similar to talking down the other’s point of view. As a result the possible downsides are ignored.

In the  world of  anger management she gets upset and when reaching a breaking point she calls the cops or her lawyer. Be warned.

Source: Toronto Star


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