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Male Entitlement and Infidelity

Relationships  break up when one side decides to have sex with a third party. Men get very aggrieved when their woman does this and often it leads to anger and violence. But men do it to, often with a sense of entitlement. It is as if they are owed particularly if ‘she’ has been difficult. It may be ‘she’ wasn’t difficult they just felt like it.

People Holding Hands on Sofa   Original Filename: 3929-000026.jpg

People Holding Hands on Sofa Original Filename: 3929-000026.jpg




Digging deeper he is very selfish, the relationship is about him, not about them. He is dismissive about her feelings and status. He does not respect her. The interesting  question is “Why?” He learnt it somewhere. It could be that is what he saw his dad do. It could be that at some point his relationship with his mother was not supportive. As a result he doesn’t feel any obligation to support and respect his woman. At some level he may be contemptuous of her and in some way it is a sort of revenge against some unacknowledged childhood issues. In any of the cases it is an ugly situation.

We live in a world that is more and more selfish so screwing around has become more of the norm, along with divorce. A man in this space has no emotional intimacy and the sex side loses its attraction. Porn may be more exciting. At best she is an object, at worst she is the enemy. He  doesn’t trust women

It is a sad state of affairs. Deep down there is no connection only isolation, mixed with resentment. An honest conversation is a way out, but that would mean exposing himself and he could get hurt  even more again.

At some point he must look in the mirror or accept he will live/die alone. Making her wrong is a waste of energy.

Source: Huffington Post



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