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How good are you in a relationship?

Men like sex and they are under the illusion that a good relationship is one that they are superior to anyone else in bed. If only that were  true it would be so easy. Alas it is not the case. She has a set of priorities  that are totally different than what he  expects and hopes for. She is not interested in the bedroom until he proves himself in other duties around the house.

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Quote “There is one personality trait that consistently predicts relationship satisfaction, and it can be measured with a few simple questions. On a scale of 1 (not at all) to 5 (very much), to what extent do you…

  1. a) pay attention to detail?
    b) get chores done straightaway?
    c) like order?
    d) follow a schedule?
    e) ensure that you are always well-prepared?

The personality trait that most reliably predicts relationship satisfaction is not a wicked sense of humour or a fondness for grand romantic gestures, but conscientiousness. If you scored 21-25 you are very conscientious, 16-20 somewhat conscientious, and 15 or less (or you didn’t finish the test) not particularly conscientious.”

Such a list may be devastating to many men. It might make the statistic that one out of every two marriages fails and that 75% of all divorces are initiated by the woman not surprising. Many men have made assumptions that applied to their parents or grandparents in the 1950’s. However the world has changed. It has been convenient to ignore the new  reality. So going back to the quiz : what has to change to improve your marks? What would that look like? And  would that be for you?

“Seek and you shall find!!”

Source: The Guardian http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2016/jun/12/find-out-how-good-you-are-at-being-in-a-relationship


One comment on “How good are you in a relationship?

  1. That the lazy good for nothing men can do all the things a real man would do.,for his woman.
    Being kind,loving,helping ,,,yes ,marriage is a partnership.
    If it’s just sex he wants and that’s all…,,well he just has to come out as Gay.. just don’t lie and use women thru your selfish evil meeting up for sex,ventures.
    We wouldn’t want you anyway..but other males like you ..might!

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