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The Stanford Rape case

What are the reactions from men regarding the Stamford rape  case where a college student who is good at sports was let of the hook by a judge giving him a light  sentence?” He got away with it  good for him!”  “He deserved much harsher treatment!” They represent polar opposites.

391 rape



The rapist’s cause was highlighted by his father saying a harsh sentence is a “hard price to pay for just 20 minutes”. It minimises violating someone’s body and brings out callousness and the emotional isolation of that male mindset to other people. Obviously the rapist did what he did because he was raised by a father with those beliefs.

So where does one go from there? It starts by asking questions as to why other people’s body’s  and  feelings (i.e. the victim’s) are so irrelevant? Presumably that is a reflection of feelings in general particularly as applied to the self.  Ironically if the victim had a physical injury which could be seen e.g. a broken bone, then their condition would be respected, but not  when it comes to internal and emotional wounds, even though the woman is completely overwhelmed.

Often men are irritated by the shrill complaints by feminists. But when it comes to a case like this what are the feminists supposed to do to get the other side to listen. And when a vulnerable boy or man is abused by another man the reaction is immediate and condemning.

One conclusion from this case is men are full of blind-spots, ill thought out prejudices and double standards. This is a sad commentary on the macho man who really hasn’t got a clue that he doesn’t have a clue.

A man needs to look in the mirror, he thinks he is ‘cool’, but being callous and emotionally isolated is not cool it’s dumb and it’s ugly.

Source: Atlantic Monthly


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