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Fear and Ambition

When there is fear coupled with ambition there is a deadly combination that sooner or later will lead to trouble. The ambition may indicate a masterly competence in a particular field, with ability to move up the ladder of that field. But if there is fear with out knowledge or acknowledgement of the fear then it is inevitable that mistakes will be made.

384 ambition






Men in anger management often have  reached too far too quickly, with the focus of doing the job being eclipsed on the rewards of doing the job. The rewards become the new  focus and the job is the means to an end. They are no longer focused n the job and being in  fear mode then the downside gets ignored and bad decisions result. They get greedy, they get careless, they get too ambitious and tread on others toes without respecting the fallout  from that. The need for the result means that is all that matters , they develop tunnel vision on what they want and ignore the bigger picture. Their energy has moved from giving and creating to one of taking. The answer to the question as to why did something is “It was a quick way to make  money and I didn’t  think anyone would notice!!”

The criminal and civil courts are full of thwarted ambition. There is nothing wrong with being  ambitious but ignoring the motivation and the cause is the blind spot. So many men who are in anger management are not in touch with their feelings and they do things without knowing  why. A smart man covers all the bases. Being in touch with feelings is an internal exercise, i.e. “what is going on in me”, ambition is about getting things and that is  an external focus. Good  ambition is about providing some service i.e. giving something, the getting then becomes a natural result. Doing it the other way round is putting the tail before the dog. It can’t be done.


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