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Absence of curiosity

Angry men are frequently controlling men. They feel secure when controlling others, particularly their spouses. The  converse is true they feel insecure when not in control of  others. They need to know. When they ask questions, like a lawyer they probably have in mind the answer they want.

362 curiosity






In life they have it all figured out, and feel very uncomfortable when they don’t know. Thinking outside the box is a place of discomfort. In relationships this means they make assumptions about other people, the have it all figured out. Along with it is a lot of judgement, control and anger

Sadly this attitude begins  at a very age, when they were scared about  something and never got the re-assurance they needed. It leaves them in a permanent state of mistrust and fear of others.

In their relationships  they are afraid of open questions  as the answers could be out of their expectations and they have little ability to absorb new, confronting information. It makes very difficult to be with people who do some things that are not expected. When it comes to male female relationships it goes with the territory that the other is going to baffle us from where they are coming from. “I just don’t how they can think this way” is a modest form of exasperation. or “why can’t she think like I do?”

As a remedy , the man has to look at what he is afraid of, he has to get in touch with those fears and examine his own fear of inferiority. He has to start asking questions that he doesn’t know the answer to. He has to ask himself why he does what he does.

Until he does he  will remain stuck and  hostile

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