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Men wish women would shut up. But…..

Men often think it is a joke to laugh about women, the size of their breasts, the shape of their  ass, but then be  surprised why women are made to feel embarrassed about breast feeding in public. A man will be perplexed at this perspective. It will never have crossed their mind.

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When a man chases  a woman, gropes  his hand around her body, subjects her  to wolf whistles and suggests patronizingly she shouldn’t be walking around on her own. He  doesn’t have any idea as to how she feels, to quote ” They had managed to make her feel low, inferior, basically shit, she says.”

So how does one  bridge the chasm of awareness? In anger management it is important to address the question, just in bringing it up challenges automatic assumptions. What would it look like for a man to be equally objectified? In some ways he already feels he is, in that his job is to bring home the money because that’s all she is interested in. Which takes us to the next level which is the man’s resentment and maybe contempt  for the woman

It becomes a vicious spiral. The more the man is derogatory about the women the less secure she feels. She ceases to feel of value and will go to may lengths in externalising her  low self image of herself, by constantly wanting to please the man yet feeling resentful she is forced to this. It is all unconscious.

Both sides deride the other with no idea of causes or consequences. Men resent aggressive feminism yet  don’t respect the pain they cause the other side.

Source: The Guardian


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