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The intent of FHRITP


The phrase “F.. her right in the  p…” catches women in the raw yet provides entertainment for the men who say it. What is the intent? Doubtless this is always done as loudly as possible as a way of creating effect. Often in conjunction with several males  trying to impress each other. A measure of manhood  is to demean the opposite sex.

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Where is the guy coming  from? A deep seated sense of contempt for  the other because…..? Going back to the power of “Eve” , she has all the power and he  has none. These outbursts are so spontaneous they come from some subconscious  sense of wound and need for revenge or putdown. Plus  a need to feel good about themselves.

Stripped naked where are these men without the crutch of attacking someone else? Underneath there is a hollowness. Along with it a lack of feeing or  respect for the other person. Unfortunately it is a classic regression from manhood to childhood . So many men in anger management reflect this state of mind. Today’s men learned from their fathers what was important and what wasn’t i.e. a reflection of  father’s frustration with feminism in the sixties and seventies. But it  goes deeper than that as this is not a new phenomena. Since both sexes have bits of the other inside  ourselves there is something that cannot accept as  part of  who they are.

Like everything else when it comes to anger and  abusiveness there is fear. What are these guys  scared of?

Source: Toronto Star



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