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Being honest

How easy is it to talk openly with a partner? For a lot of men ( and women) it is difficult. There is a hold back, an unconscious thought that if something is said there might be a reaction which will be damaging, so say nothing.

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So the fear of something undefined but negative forces a response which one way or another is false. Recently studies indicate that 60% have a hard time telling the truth. A ten minute conversation can include two lies, and most people mislead  over eleven times a day. For most men in anger management outside of being angry, many thoughts are edited to the detriment of having an intimate relationship.

When there is fear of consequences resentment will follow. From the body’s perspective tension and stress result and hostility will come out one  way or another. The  studies also indicated that those who lie have  more health problems like catching colds than those who don’t. The instructions were simple “Mean what you say”

In terms of anger  management it requires a man ask himself : how easy is it to say what you mean? where are the half truths told, where is there avoidance, or knowingly twisting the facts,  hiding the truth, saying yes when you don’t mean it. There is generally a pattern when lying comes up it implies a fear often related to looking good or not being found out.  At home it means the man is afraid of his woman, he still sees her as his mother, not as his equal. Very sad.

Moving from lying to a clean slate takes time, not moving the man remains a boy.

Source: Forbes


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