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Class and relationships

The economy has its impact on relationships as it is being seen that the more wealth there is in a family the more likely they are to stick together. Traditional values are more likely to prevail. The lower down the income bracket the greater the pressures for breakup. If he is not supportive she does not need to be in a marriage. The statistics show that more lower income families are being run by single women, which means more children are being raised by single women. It is made worse when she is employed and the man cannot get a job. That will affect his self esteem and make it worse.

350 poverty image





We certainly see a preponderance of lower income men in groups where they are often focussed on what she “will’ and “will not do”. Where does that leave them? what do they need to learn. “Life is tough and then you die” So what does “tough” look like? and what to do about it.

The men are in a state of overwhelm and they feel apathetic and helpless. There is an inability to take any initial step. “I’ve already tried that” which becomes a reason for doing nothing. Emotional survival is tough in these circumstances and it requires digging to find where there is some meaning. If there are children it may be easier to ask oneself “what do I want to teach my children?” Children can be great motivators. Unfortunately many children have been short changed by the breakups. The hard question is “Why do some men want to short change their children?” It is not wilful but in quitting on themselves sends a message to others.

What questions does a man have to ask himself to get back on track?


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