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Cynicism and dementia

A lot of men in anger management are very cynical about life, they evaluate every situation that somebody is pulling something to mask a different and negative truth. Recent studies indicate there is a linkage later on life with dementia when this happens.

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Cynical people regard themselves as superior on the assumption they are not naive or gullible, and in so doing believe they protect themselves from being hurt. It sounds good  but there are implications that also need to be considered. When a person is cynical there is an immediate judgement  that whatever is coming is  in someway not right i.e. it is wrong. Emotionally something else is happening which implies to the thinker that something is not safe. By showing up the cynical side there will automatically be some anger. One of the statements asked with a  yes or no was “It is better to trust nobody” or “People lie to get ahead”. The answers reflect an attitude about life which is how much do you trust the universe?

Psychologists suggest that “trust’ is the first value or concept that is learned in life, usually in the  first twelve months on the planet. If the child learns  trust the implication the universe is friendly and supportive, if it learns not trust then it sees the universe as essentially hostile. Relationships then get carved out based on that assumption.

This becomes a very ingrained habit, maybe there is nothing wrong about being cynical accept the consequences of  dementia later on. But it might be helpful for a man to ask if they are always cynical,  and  why? and does that serve him and might there be options that would make life happier.

Source: National Post


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