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Dad’s power: Parenting influences on daughters

What we see at home influences our beliefs and behaviours later on. if dad hurts mum then the boys are likely to do the same and the girls will marry a man like dad.

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This is all very depressing however the learning principles can work for good as well. A recent study indicates that if dad helps in the home it has its influences. On the boys it was seen to do little but on the girls it had a large impact, in that daughters of dads who share in the domestic chores seem to be more successful in their careers in life than those raised in a more traditional role of dad earning the money and the mother doing the housework. In traditional homes this meant the father would worry about who he could marry his helpless daughter off to.

The learning for the daughters is if they see dad working at some domestic chores at home then the gender discrepancy is not there in the daughter’s mind. She  then grows up believing she is as good as the man and will forge ahead in her career in life. It shows up later in life with these young women getting higher paying and more responsible jobs than just pouring coffee at MacDonald’s.


While helping at home is  a real chore for some men, if they have daughters they might  find some motivation to be an example so they can produce smart women who they can be  proud of.

Source: Toronto Star


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