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That emotional connection

People who connect with other people generate successful relationships. The reverse is true that those who do not connect emotionally with others have unsuccessful relationships. Unfortunately anger  management classes are made up of people  who do not connect emotionally. They view their partner as weird, deformed, deranged, from another planet  et al.

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The emotional connection occurs very early on in life as a result of the connection between baby and  caregiver. It is not the baby’s  fault if the baby gets it  wrong, however it becomes that person’s problem as the person gets older as they are  unable to make emotional connection. They genuinely don’t know how, and they angry at their isolation and blame the other partner.

The way forward is to acknowledge the gap and see how easy or difficult is it to develop empathy skills. So when she  says “I am pissed off  you left the dishes unwashed “ He say “I hear that you are unhappy that I left the dishes unwashed” He could go a stage further and say” I can understand why you are upset”

One might ask “Why is that so difficult?” and he will respond “Because… because .. because” To see that that response keeps him in a trap of repetition is the way he will get motivated to find an option that takes him out of his corner. The truth is despite having learnt  about misguided connections which have  become an ingrained habit, it is very possible  when motivated to find alternatives.

Source: google/brooks


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