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The cost of busyness and multi tasking

Our need to rush everything and be busy provides an illusion of efficiency happiness and success. People brag about the hours they put in. It becomes a mark of honour to have been at for so many hours. This is then compounded by doing more than one thing at once i.e. Multi tasking. It has got so crazy that 15% of on line purchases are being made on i-phones when on the john.

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There is no time for leisure, no time for reflection and often outside work no purpose in life.

Relating this to anger management, this lifestyle is fodder for permanent restlessness, edginess and anger.

The sad truth is the brain becomes less efficient as it is required to jump from one task to the next, it cannot perform two tasks at once. It starts one ask then shifts to the next then shifts back again. All of these mini moves reduce what is being attempted , and with it there is no real attachment or enjoyment to the task at hand as it this particular focus is constantly being eclipsed by another focus. Productivity is estimated to be 40% lower when multi tasking.

Underneath this preferred business is a fear of being alone and doing nothing. We are afraid to just “Be’ we have to be “doing” to have meaning. Along with sitting alone comes experiencing our own feelings which often indicate some dis-comfort and a loss of control. Little by little smart businesses are creating time for mindfulness which means emptying the mind of chatter.

A man needs to protect himself by asking what is really going to me some life and satisfaction, what is he missing by being so caught up with being super busy.

Source: Washington Post


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