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A surprising map of a sophisticated continent

Women’s prime need in a relationship is to feel safe and we still live in a world where that is still a pipedream. A recent survey in Europe  indicates how widespread domestic violence is in Europe, about a third of women have experienced it and about 14% of incidents get reported.

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Alcohol is a prime accompaniment. The highest rates occur in the more liberal societies, Scandinavia: Denmark Sweden and Finland about half the women have been hurt. These are countries with relatively high rates of alcoholism, but France, Britain and Holland are not far behind. Conversely Poland Greece and Spain are at the bottom end. It is not possible to know how accurate these numbers are as interpretations vary  from country to country. In Italy for example the courts feel the violence has to continuous rather than random to be considered a crime. In Denmark many police officers are women who joined because of their own exposure which makes more keen to pursue cases conversely with N Ireland where the number of complaints has gone up by 25%  with little increase in convictions. And again In Scandinavia some cite the increase in Muslims being a contributing factor.

It is hard to know what this is saying about the men in these countries, but old habits of male contempt for women die hard. And the need to hurt the opposite sex seems deeply ingrained in men.

Source: the Guardian


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