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When the job gets too much

We work and sometimes the job gets the better of us and we don’t  do anything about it. We feel we can tough it out, we are strong and to admit to having problems is a sign of weakness and failure. We believe we are different and have an obligation to carry on and  to not flinch.

333 heroes






Intelligent, successful men allow themselves to fall into this trap and some form of breakdown ensues. The brain goes into overwhelm, it does not know how to cope we then go into escape by working harder  or start some destructive habit to relieve the pain and confusion we don’t admit to. Somehow our “intelligence” is missing when it is required. We are objective about others, and situations but when it comes to ourselves we are hampered with our own blind spots.

How come? Those early messages on being a man run deep and are taken for granted. For many men it is only when there is a crisis that it gets our attention. Plato remarked “An unexamined life is not worth living” Yet we don’t put that high on our list of priorities.  Because we are too busy doing things that are more important.

Women seem to smell danger earlier than men, probably because  they are the weaker sex and are more tuned to survival they see their vulnerabilities more clearly. Male education focuses on where we are strong or where we have to do better but ignores certain rules of life so we can be heroes.

However the real hero is the one who sees the pluses and minuses at the same time. They get ignored because of foolhardiness and fear. A man might ask is it better to be a smart hero or a dead hero?

Source: Ottawa Citizen


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