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Every day sexism

The average guy may look at a woman and say “wow she looks great” and leave it that, so when the word sexism comes up it is often met with a big yawn and “here we go again”. On the other hand as a man it is hard to hear from  a woman that she was “Shouted at from cars, followed by a guy off a bus, a guy masturbated on the bus, a guy sat next to me and began groping my legs.” And feel that this is unimportant. Certainly if a guy started groping with a heterosexual’s legs he would freak out or a woman started masturbating on a bus he would do a double take saying “This can’t be for real”. It would not be dismissed as unimportant.

325 feminist






So there is another round of feminism currently in the making called the “fourth wave” and it’s intention is to make every day sexist stuff like this socially unacceptable, much like smoking tobacco has become.

There is much leverage via the social media, tweets are in the hundreds of thousands and obviously not confined to any one geographical area, a forum for women to post their own sexual harassments. They are pushing big companies such as Apple to withdraw certain apps for very young children which they feel promotes sexuality with nine year old girls. New female headings :Women of Color (WoC),last year the women attacked the Bank of England for withdrawing women on bank notes and got the decision reversed. The publicity and revulsion of government’s acceptance of gang rapes in Asia. And so it goes.

It isn’t going to stop. So get used to it

Source: The Guardian


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