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Anger and resistance to new ideas

A common trait of men in anger management is a resistance to new ideas, there is a visceral response to  rejecting a new thought that changes the well entrenched belief structure that he has. He gets very defensive, underneath he is feeling quite threatened that the status quo is about to be turned upside down. It is in fact a natural response that when the brain is overwhelmed it goes into rigid thinking because it is unable to process something. The reality is given some objectivity often new ideas have relevance otherwise we would still living in caves with spears and arrows to get lunch.





To start with requires looking at where the resistance comes from. Is this a pattern of his thinking? Does he always react this way, does he see danger to himself in any change? Is this about the idea or about him?

Can he give himself permission to look at something new? This doesn’t mean acceptance but it does mean being open and maybe brainstorming with others about it. To move out of his corner requires him asking why is this new idea being suggested? Where are they coming from. Often at work there are organization upheavals which lead to a lot of anxiety and anger. Being able to see where the others are coming from gives him a toehold in deciding how best to protect himself.
Finally what is the logic behind the idea or the move? Ultimately if it (the idea or change)is going to work for some betterment it is serving a larger/ higher purpose. In every relationship there is a “we”. So “How are we going to do better?”

It requires moving from being a victim to being a player, or go back to the cave.

Source; The Guardian


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