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Criticism at work

When men get criticized at work they can accept the criticism, or react to it, or take it home and then dump on their spouses. Often their automatic response is with the second and third options which lead to trouble somewhere.

326 criticism at work






How can a man make the most out of criticism? If it comes out of the blue it can be a shock, often people know where they can be criticized and by whom and the more realistic employee will accept (reluctantly) that this goes with the territory.

Making the other person wrong is suicide. Impulse control is a big deal in anger management, take a breath or two or three, it’s protection, it  provides space. Repeat back what has been said, that can diffuse the criticizer, they will take it that they are being heard and will be less aggressive. Listen as to what they are saying with minimum judgment. It may be wise to say the job has been done in a certain way giving the other room to tell why it should be changed. Or even see it is a smart idea they have in changing things, Any positive  interaction is seen as a sign of willingness and co-operation

The greater the man is able to see the bigger picture the stronger he will be able to handle the criticism. Ultimately a person wants to feel good about themselves, but often their shame and low self esteem gets in the way. It may be a challenge but pulling something positive out of the interaction is the best protection.

Of course talk is cheap, but what’s the alternative?



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