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Concrete benefits of meditation in early recovery

Research shows that meditation is helpful in rehabilitating drug users. The novelty of this research is it shows the relationship in the brain between reward systems and anti reward system. Apparently when given talk therapy alone the brain initially sees some reward and so goes along with what is being said. Then however other parts of the brain kick in, without us knowing , taking the new ideas and attempts to reverse them. They did their experiments with people who used the patch in trying to quit smoking. Conclusions were that there is a relapse potential when using talk therapy, which is all too common with recovering addicts and alcoholics.

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Meditation however stabilizes the brain so it  is easier for the individual to stay in  their new drug free state more easily than if they do not meditate.

Certainly in the  very early stages of recovery people’s minds are still racing and therefore they are not emotionally stable  although they may be clean and sober. There is more likely hood of continued sobriety if they meditate, often this is difficult for the individual newly in recovery.

Like everything practice makes perfect.

Mediation can apply equally to those in recovery and to those in anger management as their brain circuits have grown accustomed to chaos and stress. This research is also helpful in people beating themselves up when they relapse and it is helpful to now that the brain , because of habit, wants to  revert back. For the new person craving is brutal and natural but this work implies that the person can protect themselves with simple  meditation

Source: Eureka alert


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