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In the Human Brain, Size Really Isn’t Everything

Research is showing that the human brain’s uniqueness is its ability to make connections far beyond that of an animal. It has memory and an ability to connect and reflect. People in anger management often don’t see this relevance. Their belief is because they want something it will happen just because they want it. And if they don’t get what they want they will get mad and force the issue.






Unfortunately life is far more complex as relationships are so important, that a smart brain is able to bring in these ideas in making connections and decisions. The brain is connected by an association of cortexes (different parts of the brain that have specialized functions), the more complex the brain the greater the number of associations , and is being likened to the connections of the internet. What that means is the likely hood of some wild emotional plan unfolding the way the perpetrator thinks is less and less likely. The more  angry the person is the simpler they think things will happen their way. The reality is that the number variables is infinite, so the response is possible to be  in a probable sequence if the recipient is not frightened but feels safe. When it comes to anger the reverse happens and the recipient feels very unsafe and who knows what the response may be.

Anger management implies respecting the rules of the universe, that requires looking objectively at sequences and responses. The emotional intelligence model is a smart way to predict results, it also allows us to hold for unexpected variables that might come our way.

The answer is don’t be simple, be smart

 Source:NY Times


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