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Men’s brains women’s brains

Another study re-enforcing the truth that men’s and women’s brain are different. What does that mean to a man in anger management? He complains she doesn’t think like him therefore she is bad or deficient in his wisdom and it is her fault he is in trouble.

312 two brains







Male                          Female

Such logic unfortunately puts the man in the deficient position as he is not using what he has going for him very well. The findings indicate she can multi task better than him but also she has better connections between the  two halves of her brain which allows her to put a relationship perspective on inter actions. While men focus on one thing at a time, she focuses on several and tie all the parts into a bigger picture. She has superior verbal and detail skills, he knows how to demand more,

In domestic fights he is missing something: she brings in many issues (the list), he gets quickly confused and side tracked. He loses  focus on what he wants and gets madder and madder focusing on what he doesn’t want. He has the ability to keep the discussion to one topic yet gives it away as soon as another topic is brought in to the discussion. He moves from being a listener and a leader to being a follower.

He doesn’t ask himself “How do I work with this?” , instead he says to himself “She owes me” results in him being dead in the water. He loses sight of the bigger picture. In business he would never scream to a customer “I hate your guts”, he would know how to listen, when to push forward and when to back off.

Being able to do that in the kitchen or the bedroom demonstrates he is as smart as she is. If not well…….?

Source: National Post


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