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Aggrieved entitlement

A class of angry man has emerged recently focusing on white males who feel emasculated. As the world has changed so much, one of the casualties has been the white male whose relative privileged  position was expected to be forever. And it isn’t so, although many non white citizens might still think it is.

309 aggrieved men





Their anger is focused on the rise of women (particularly feminists) in the job world, the way the courts do not respect male roles in divorce cases, the influx of non white labour into the work force and loss of jobs due to technology and overseas competition. They have been labeled as a group who suffer from “aggrieved entitlement” The world should not be this way. As result they are full of rage which reflects a lack of adaptability. They have a rigid belief that this unfair. It leads to rage. In the US it comes out more extremely than in Canada as it is associated with gun violence.

Coming into the world of anger management “What is the guy supposed to do?” Anger can take a man in two opposite directions: either to be a victim and blame or to some action which will right his condition. The victim space is associated with depression where the perception is one of hopelessness. The guy has quit saying “It’s over”. When he takes the world’s trends personally it hurts more than it need.  Holding on to something that has passed keeps productive energy locked up as the focus is on holding on. Moving with what is now and “What will this mean in my life?” takes a man forward.

The “entitlement” is a false illusion, sadly it keeps a man weak which is the last thing he wants.

Source: New York Times


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