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The Second Step

Very often men will say at the end of their time “I wish I had learnt this stuff when I was at school” .Today, in schools today there is a focus on social and emotional learning under the heading The Second Step

300 second step






The words from one promotion ”The curriculum aims to reduce impulsive and aggressive behaviors and increase protective factors and social-emotional competence. Organized by grade level, the program teaches children empathy, problem-solving skills, risk assessment, decision-making, and goal-setting skills.” All this is emotional intelligence that is now being designed for schools staring in the earliest grades.

Bullying, oppositional disorders, early crime and a lot more start at a young age and get progressively worse as the person gets older. They have also found that academic performance is  enhanced if there is sufficient  emotional balance, which requires self awareness and social awareness. The Second Step is used now both in Europe and N America, results have been consistent that emotional control, problem solving and awareness can be taught and learnt by  all age groups. Like everything in life there were variations in results, generally the results were influenced by the enthusiasm of the teachers and the participants.

A man in anger management needs to be able to ask himself “What do I need to unlearn?” first and then “What do I need to learn?” If his energy is spent denying the problem he is wasting his time. On the other hand if he is open and keen he will get what he wants. He needs to know he is in charge and no one else can do it for him. Ask the kids!



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