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Smart Thinking and a Loyal, Motivated Staff

Management consultants to Fortune 500 companies see good and bad bosses. They categorize the qualities of “Good” versus “Bad”.






In the former the boss takes an interest in their staff., they are interested in them. They like feedback good and bad because it is helpful to the organization, They have meaningful goals and vision They support and inspire their staff, and they have a positive outlook. The Bad side the bosses like to hog  all the credit for themselves, they can’t handle negative feedback. They are unpredictable and volatile, poor in handling stress, and poor listeners. This may be obvious, and we have all had the good and bad bosses.

So in anger management it might be useful to ask oneself the same  question. And take it a stage further. For those in the “bad” category: why do they have to take all the credit? what is the purpose of not listening? Why do they not want to have much of  a vision, generally they are clear of what they don’t want but unclear of what they do want. Why don’t they want to inspire others? This  is particularly relevant for dialogues in the kitchen and the bedroom.

With bad bosses when the opportunity arises people leave the organization. The same is true in relationships: people leave. Unproductive behaviour patterns reflect a need and a purpose, it is important for clients ask themselves these awkward questions to move out of a mindset that causes them and others (their partners) grief.

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