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Stereotyping the sexes

Many men automatically hold on to old ideas about gender  roles in marriage. Making these assumptions will almost guarantee discord in the relationship.

349 women judges





The recent pronouncement by Canadian justice minister Peter Mackay stating that the reason women don’t apply to be judges is because they stay at home  to look after babies has hit a nerve with women. There are probably more women than men graduating in both the legal and medical professions, yet the top end of the ladder is dominated by white  males and the decisions for professional advancement seem to be made by white males.

Women bring something different that works to the table. So why is what they bring  not being noticed or appreciated? Are there underlying  fears of there being too many women in these positions  and  men just don’t like  that? Certainly this is the view of many men having to attend anger management.  They over react to a woman’s demand for recognition and place. Her use of language  and in many ways how she thinks along with her style of management  can run circles around men.

The implication being that the man never knew how to negotiate with his mother to get what he wanted gets perpetuated in adult life and he sees her emotionally through a boy’s eyes. Women’s brains are wired differently from men.The challenge how does a man negotiate with a woman? He starts by observing how she thinks and where she is coming from and what is  she saying.

To move forward the man has to ask himself as to where is he coming from?



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