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Campus sex chant tradition


Quote: “Y is for your sister, O is for ‘oh so tight,’ U is for underage, N is for no consent, G is for grab that ass —boys, we like them young.”

This became an embarrassment for a university as the video of the frosh happenings went viral, particularly as this chant had been going on for the previous five years.









What does it say about the man charged with sexual assault. In many ways he is clueless about him and  about  her. She (since there were females along with men doing this) may equally clueless, but at some point she wakes up and says “No”

Unfortunately for the young man who is still a boy, claiming good self worth happens through his physicalness first. If he has a got a body and he can score then he is a man. Sadly in many other respects he is falling behind the women in classroom development, and good grades. So he probably feels in some ways, inferior.

In anger management where does he begin? Has he any idea of what his manhood is about? Where did he learn she was just a piece of ‘ass’? What would it look like if he respected himself? What would it look like if he respected her?

Alas these are concepts that are foreign to many boys in school so it is natural they should take their peer learning into life. Hopefully if he asks himself these questions he will leave anger management with a lot more respect everyone than before he came in.

Equally the universities and the other powers that be might ask themselves what is the purpose of turning a blind eye to such happenings?

Source: The Star


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