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Calming a woman down

Women get angry too and the worst thing a man can do is to get angry back. He will do it by avoiding her eyes and withdraw or he will say something that escalates the situation.

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The more the man can keep his cool the more control he will keep in the spat. Generally it doesn’t help to spout facts in order to win an argument. The issue isn’t the facts the issue is her feelings about he facts and her point of view may be  the opposite of his point of view. He doesn’t have to agree with her, but could take a step back, he could be concerned and listen. His body posture will tell a lot as to whether he is engaged with her. Listening is a must, in fact he if he is smart he will want to hear more.

Taking a walk with her rather than away from her will indicate your concerned. It also may change the emotional vibes between the two for the better. There are phrases that solidify what’s going on: “I see”  “Yes you are right” ‘I agree” The purpose is to find common ground, to eliminate he sense of alienation.

If it gets too heated there is a point to state what’s acceptable and what is not and then leave if the line is crossed. Debating is a loser’s game. Having to be right is a sign of the man’s emotional weakness

Listening is where the action is.

Source: Men’s health


One comment on “Calming a woman down

  1. Great article. This may be the most stark example ever of the expression “easier said than done”

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