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Tempers flare up with global warming


A disturbing study indicates  anger increases when there is excessive heat. It looked at incidents. “When the weather gets bad we tend to be more willing to hurt other people” This is  based on studies over history of how conflict escalates. The study looked at the decline of the Mayan empire 1200 years ago which co-incided with extreme weather. It is confirmed across time that conflict both individual and societal increases with the heat.

272 global warming








What does this mean for anger management? As the heat goes up so do the number of incidents. The phrase “Cool it” now has serious implications. When the body heats up, we get more irritable and find it easier to lash out at others. Rational thought is eclipsed by the emotions. The body likes homeostasis i.e. balance. When it is out of balance it makes efforts to bring us back into balance which means the release of certain  body chemicals, similar to a stress response which can make us more agitiated.

There is a lesson here. That we need to be aware of our triggers. It is back to self awareness, if we don’t respect these aspects of ourselves we will make bad decisions. How easy or difficult is it to recognize we are too hot? That is probably easy, but now to have to make a conscious connection between being too hot and getting angry means becoming even more self aware.

Source: Valley Times


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