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Cost of violence and priorities

Apparently the level of domestic violence costs society more than it does to treat addiction and crime. And terms of domestic violence prevention we spend only  $3 for every $333 we spend on dealing with the cost of the crime. When it comes to drugs which cost $262 a person a year we spend considerably more money tracking that down than for domestic violence.

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In Canada over 600000 women reported sexual violence, and over 1.2 m reported intimate partner violence over the last five years. Income is no guide as over  a third had household incomes in excess of $100000.In terms of society it is costing over $9b a year. How that is calculated is any one’s guess but the numbers very high when compared to say the federal deficit which is under $20b.

It is not known whether programs are successful or not. Certainly other jurisdictions do more. In Ontario we had clients for sixteen sessions, if alcohol is involved they are sent for 8 sessions on domestic violence and 8 for harm reduction. However in the last month this has been reduced to twelve because of court backlog. In Florida they are sent for twenty six sessions in total and California for 52 sessions.

The learning of behaviours and coping with challenges take a life time, whether that is twenty, forty or sixty years. It is very ambitious to presume a lifetime of habit can be cured in 12/16 sessions.

We do give the men so uncompromising ideas that get  them to think through their actions and the consequences and the ability to ask smarter questions about themselves. Beyond that it’s up them. The probability is that more sessions would be  better, but governments have their own priorities.

Source: The Star


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