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Anger turned inwards: Suicide

It is very disturbing fact that suicides among men in middle age have dramatically increased in the last few years. Certainly in anger management when classes  focuses on depression men listen and particularly participate when the suicide subject comes up.

251 Suicide







There are lots of theories as to why this increase, they all make sense but why the trend? Looking back to the baby boom generation there has been a gradual break down in community. We don’t belong like we used to. Cities are made up new people, so the village ties that bind no longer work. Belonging is a fundamental need(defined by Maslow). Paradoxically while Facebook increases our connectedness the more lonely we are. Isolation is becoming a way of life. Many communities are more transient than before. Ironically blacks and Latinos have communal connection and their suicide rates are lower.

Roles are changing, there are now prolonged periods of no job and no money. Income inequality is acknowledged as a social issue. Feminism both at the economic and personal level  produces its own challenges to men. Many cannot cope with the demands for equality along with marriage breakdowns. This leads to a sense of paralysis and hopelessness.

Finally somewhere there is this will to self harm and end life. The animal kingdom is full of examples of animals sacrificing themselves at critical points. But for a person to want to die requires singular focus. Often the suicide “doesn’t want to be a burden” which gives a reason for doing it. Cities are the attraction for the final chapter.

In the  business of life as we have no room for pause and reflection to develop options,  we are  lead to chaos in the mind and very bad irrevocable decisions.

Source: Daily Beast -Tony Dokoupil


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