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Depression and isolation

Men get depressed, they isolate, they crave company but in the meantime their anger at themselves and the world festers. Often they  numb the pain by drinking or eating, having indiscriminate sex.

“Loneliness is not so much a symptom of being companionless as it is a driving force behind social isolation. The phrase “lonely in a crowd” means in spite of being around people there is no connection. This leads to thoughts negativity, leading to more isolation to more negativity.

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The cognitive brain shuts down leaving the mind swamped in negative thoughts and images. The brain is over whelmed, underneath it is fuming that life is bad and anger breeds. The more we do nothing the greater the anger. With depression ask “What am I pissed off at?” and feel what is the upset, get angry about it, and then “What can I do about it and what can I do for me about it?” Depression is anger turned inwards against the self. It wants to do nothing, it wants to isolate and all that does is perpetuate the feelings of being a victim.

Getting out there and shaking hands, having some social inter action and in so doing reduces the feelings of powerlessness. Our biology is designed for contact with others or things outside ourselves.  Connection is a form of oxygen. To the question “Why should I care?’ the answer is “If you don’t, who will? Nobody”

The hard thing to accept is : life is all about choices. Depression is a choice, anger is a choice, isolation is a choice and doing nothing is a choice

Source: Time


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