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Should men think like women in order to succeed?

 For men in  anger  management  a study  which we may find hard to swallow states the world would be a much happier and more efficient place if it were to adopt feminist values in organizations. These the findings came from interviews across the globe with 64000 people of both  sexes. It is called the Athena Doctrine.

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They based their conclusions that people feel they live with too much anxiety as institutions have become too powerful and  unfair. The current income inequality makes this understandable. They compare  male thinking as too rigid, too black and white versus female thinking of co-operation, more flexible and collaborative and nurturing. The survey also came up with what are considered feminine values creativity, expressiveness, good listeners and morality. Loyalty is also considered a feminine trait.

On the male asset side are the following: self reliant, focused, distinctive, resilient, aggressive, brave, daring, competitive, gutsy, stubborn, assertive. While the latter appear to be laudable values the way  implemented at the macro level is producing this global negative reaction. At the personal level what might be useful for a man is to see if these feminine values have any relevance that would it be useful to follow them in their  relationships.  This does preclude his male values, however a  man  needs to ask why there  has been  this rejection at the  global level, and is this rejection at the global level reflected in his attitude at the personal level?

Source: Daily Mail


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