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Think before you quit

Angry people like to fantasize as to their dramatic exits and how everyone will take notice (and of course side with them). It is a reflection of how powerless they actually feel and the rush that they will and do get by saying publically “I quit” Reality is there are lots of unfair pressures; draining commuting journeys, too heavy a work load, unreasonable overtime demands, excessive paper documentation, cameras watching them do the job. These are all enough to drive a man over the edge.

230 quitting work






The dramatic exit is his way of righting a wrong. In some ways he is right, there may have been a wrong, but in terms of anger management he hurts no one but himself and corners himself so reducing his options. Often the decision is preceded by obsessive thinking about how “ I’ll show them” thinking. Therefore such thinking is warning sign that the man is moving into a dangerous zone. Today’s world is not awash in copious job offers, it is the reverse. So a crucial element in anger  management is to see through in the anger cycle to consequences.

Hopefully that is when the red light is turned on and the man can ask the basic mantra “How can I protect myself?”

What are his options? To speak up, confer with associates, look for another job before he leaves. Look to where he might have some if any power. He may have some expertise they value and he needs to point it out If there is none then have the future smartly assessed. Remember he will get a  better reference if he hasn’t offended anybody.

Source: New York Times


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