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The scary cost of cocaine use.

We don’t get many clients in anger  management for cocaine induced anger as many users of cocaine have a hard time with any form of intimacy. We have far more with alcohol related violence. The cocaine users have a fear that at some point they will be gobbled up and have no defenses. Cocaine, allows them out of their shell and gives them permission for crazy and frequent sex, but very limited intimate relationships.

Cocaine usage






The parallel  is that when full of cocaine they get wild and experience some power that they never knew they had and like the drunk who is in a car believe they have superhuman powers to be driving a Formula 1 car.. Recent investigations have indicated the banking crisis was aided and abetted by the high use of cocaine leading to wild deals that eventually came crashing down. Bernie Madoff’s office was apparently known as “the North Pole” such were the gargantuan quantities of “snow”.  Another quote “prominent figures in financial and political circles made irrational decisions as a result of megalomania brought on by cocaine usage”. At another level it indicates the uncomfortable relationship between emotional immaturity and clever deal making. May be at the beginning their brains were working brilliantly but by the end their brains were run by dopamine based projections.

Coming back to anger and alcohol. The alcoholic feels powerless until they are full of booze. Along with it is the false sense of power, coupled with the constant undercurrent of feeling inferior which leads to the outbursts. There is no magic answer except to know when there is booze or drugs around  someone is going to get hurt.

Source: The Guardian


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