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Women are objects (like cars),

Comments from an editor of Esquire magazine that women are objects like cars can take readers in many directions. The average client in anger  management certainly holds this to be true that women are objects first and people second. Game The article indicates the women were shocked but didn’t say much and the men indicated that women ask for it by posing in their own magazines in provocative  ways. In their own way they are putting themselves as objects.

 222 Objects and cars




In that respect it is a conundrum. Do you pose to look good? And if you do you are an object?

The converse is also true with men in their GQ attire except they are supposed to be held differently. Sure the man wants to look great and if he does he will get his catch.. But does he see himself as an object? No of course not  he is a wonderful guy that should be respected Of course many men in anger management complain “She only wanted my money” which may be legitimate. The implication being they wanted to be wanted for themselves not their bank balance.

So what’s missing? There is a disconnect. She’s an object and there for fair game to play with, he is an object but it’s not fair game to play with him in the same way. There is a naivety with many of our clients that there is a rule called “what goes around, comes around”. So he chooses her because she looks good and nothing else, then he get’s surprised that she get’s pissed off and there are expensive consequences.

Get real.

Source:Globe and Mail


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