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Defensive techniques: survival by just keeping calm

The story of a woman who has seized by the neck by a wolf and how she survived is a lesson in survival under pressure that those in anger management could learn from. When angry we feel threatened, how can one cope with that threat. In this case the woman she relaxed and had a dead face and the animal let her go. Which is an extreme example of handling another’s (the wolf’s) desperation.

 221 wolf-bite







The right and left sides of her neck after a wolf clamped its jaws down. ( These photos were taken soon after the bite.)

We have in our bodies the mechanics to lower our anxiety,  play dead rather than get exited and  then getting hurt. A mouse when threatened plays dead and the danger goes away. The phrase “cool under pressure” is relevant. The basics in anger management is to stay cool, to walk away. Being  conscious of our breathing is the control component. We are wired that certain nerves in our brain ( the vagus) that is linked to parts of our bodies that can help us survive by lowering our  heart rate, which can be done by controlled breathing in through the nose and out through our lips shaped to hold a straw for a couple of minutes will change our composure. Or for say five minutes of meditation of just following our breath can bring calm to our thinking. Or counting back from ten to zero seems to shift the focus.

It is important to remember the human brain/body is designed to help us survive and co-exist. Those in anger  management need to know they do have the power but then they have to have  the will to deal with what they need.

Source: National Post


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