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Afraid to let go of the reins

Mayor Ford is afraid to take a leave of absence as he is afraid he will lose his political situation, with out the power he is a nobody. The challenge of any addict is “I am running away from something and I am helpless to deal with it” Followed by I need “x, y or z substance /behaviour to sustain myself” This equals dependence.

304 failure



Often boys go into the father’s profession as a way of appeasing the father. They want his approval, and if they get it then they are lovable. Therefore they have to succeed, so adding more pressure to themselves, Which leads to more fear and less effective decisions, they get more and more rigid and more and more boxed in.

Letting go means trusting the universe, it means trusting themselves. Ingrained is a deep sense of “less than” in their psyche an expectation if they fail they are failures (and what would daddy think?) It is a hopeless place to be. Letting go means finding out if there is life beyond the current predicament. It is not easy. Re-invention of the self is challenging and incorporating those self skills in a new  or different setting is daunting.

Ironically it is a place of growing up, being one’s own man and to be able to look the father in eye and say “I am not perfect but I’m OK with that and you will have to be too”

Anger management is always about more than the topic in mind. The crisis is just the tip of the iceberg. Thinking through one’s own responsibility in a screw up and cutting to the roots of the problem are equally important and fundamental to moving on.

Source: Globe and Mail


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