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“Are the children at risk?”

This is a question asked by a reporter regarding life at the Ford household today. The answer is one doesn’t know but one can guess. Anger is learnt from somewhere it  does not just happen. Generally the home upbringing is  the major influence. If a child is raised in any form of dysfunction: neglect, explosive anger, or drinking then the  impact that has on the child is they are  being raised in an unsafe environment . The child develops coping skills to handle life, very often they are similar to what they see with the adults.

Mayor Ford talks emotionally about his father who he hero worships. Yet the father has produced three boys, two of which are angry and a daughter who is a recovering alcoholic. This doesn’t happen in happy households. It does happen in dysfunctional households. We don’t know the history but part of the anger management and addiction the learning process is to look at those early influences, where did that lead us and how has it affected what we do as adults.

303 child abuse Ford






It implies coming to terms with the roots of the problem. Very often this is a difficult place to go as it means asking hard questions about the past, along with an unconscious fear of not wanting to go there because of the belief that we wont be able to handle the information we find.

Any child that is raised in an unpredictable environment will develop an over reaction to stressful situations that then lead to destructive coping mechanisms. The courage is to be able to look the problem in the eye. Any parent has to ask themselves “What am I teaching my children?”

Mr. Ford has to ask the questions of what he learnt and what he is teaching.

Source: Toronto Star


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