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Bitterness about women

It is every woman’s dream to be with man she feel safe and intimate, very often that’s not the case. The man carries deeps scars from his childhood relationship with his mother. It will come out with sarcastic comments about women, an undercurrent of hostility to women in general. He may talk about his tragic past with his mother. There is always an element of distance between himself and his woman.

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These are very deep seated wounds. Men are terrified of being ridiculed or humiliated. As a child he felt disempowered or humiliated by his mother. She was an all powerful figure for him, this may have been compounded by an absent father. He may have worried about being good enough for his mother. He could be in competition for his mother’s attention in rivalry with his siblings. Conversely he felt invaded by her wanting closeness  and is always on guard.

What he is doing is putting his mother’s face on adult women. He has a lot of unfinished business with his mother. Painful and awkward memories that just stay on lingering and never go away. He needs to ask himself why does he keep feeling this way, how much is it about her his partner and how much is it about a carry forward from the past. Talking with other men is healthy, in anger management coming to terms with the past is crucial in moving ahead.


One comment on “Bitterness about women

  1. Accroît le respect face aux bébés

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