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Harsh Words

It would be a shock for men in anger management and domestic abuse to see themselves called terrorists.

Yet current research is branding them with that word. They use violence and intimidation over their partners to keep power and control. The whole field is called interpersonal violence or IPV. The first group are called intimate terrorists They are divided into two groups, the first being very co-dependent. These men get very upset when the partner does something that  they get afraid of, such as wanting to end the relationship. The next group  are anti social and do what they have to do to  get what they want. They know that intimidation works and when they are intimidating the partner gets scared and they calm down inside as they are scaring the partner. They don’t get upset like the first group. They see themselves as the guardians of their property. They may use financial coercion and just the threats of physical violence, such as holding a gun which is not loaded yet sends a strong message for compliance They have patriarchal beliefs.

215 harsh words 





Sometimes this is met with violent resistance as she uses violence to get away from a dangerous space. She can pull a knife on him as part of her desperation. Often she feels too scared to leave.

Finally there are a group who are labeled situational couple violence. This is where both couples  argue and fight. There is an escalation from verbal or emotional abuse to some physical violence. Underneath they don’t know how to communicate, they have no impulse controls, no boundaries and often alcohol is there in the background, they have little self awareness so the children get swept up in the conflict.

Source:Intimate Terrorism


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