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Good girls revolt or do they?

Women push for more rights and men resist. Then women sabotage their forward moves by looking at themselves as if they were still 1950 housewives. Shifting social values is a long process that moves with one step forward and two steps backwoods.

209 mixed messages from women






As men we have to be careful what we say. This is their battle. They are unhappy the way they have been treated, and crave more respect. For them having kindergarten child care is important as it allows them to keep being involved with their careers, and that gives them financial independence. In relationships with men that gives them some freedom and power. We don’t understand why this is so important to them. Had we walked in their shoes we would more empathetic.

In the same breath some of their values reflect a neediness to still look pretty, find the perfect man, pick the perfect wedding cake and keep that waist always to stay  slim. (Obesity is a universal not a just women’s problem). Being sexually attractive is really the bottom line for them. So we are getting mixed messages.

In anger management the men would  say “See I told you so, what do you expect?” which reflects the male need to preserve the status quo. However the bigger picture is they, the women, are moving forward and there will always be constant hiccups. A smart man will notice which way is the trend. He is not in charge of that part of the process. Allowing the woman more muscle should not be a threat to a healthy man.

Source: Toronto Star


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