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Worried about the future

A recent survey which is probably echoed all over North America finds young people at school have far more anxiety than students of previous generations. Comments such as“I’m scared I will never love myself. I’m scared I will lose my mom. I’m scared I’ll never be successful. I’m scared I’ll never be loved,” she said, listing examples. “But mostly they’re scared they won’t be successful”

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We find More and more male clients don’t have basic self skills. They have low self esteem, no self awareness, no boundaries and no sense of connection with themselves or other people. Having been raised by busy, anxious parents who are afraid of failure, who are over protective and  indulgent that leaves them needy and defenseless. They are left without survival  strategies and a blind sense of entitlement. Unfortunately when boy meets girl and they both bring these issues to the table the dice is loaded against them.

Our approach in anger management is to ask clients “What is missing in your thinking that you need in order to  protect yourself?” The goal being to make the level of EQ higher. As these numbers of fearful young people increase so will the level of aggressive anger increase. The writing is on the wall that as parents  fail to provide the skills they need, then they will have to learn them in the classroom. Darwin was very unsentimental in noting that the species that doesn’t learn to adapt will die. These are hard concepts to grasp, but not grasping them is worse.

Source: Toronto Star


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