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The challenge to be slower

Men in anger management could benefit from this idea of needing to be slower. Many rush around multitasking, live on limited sleep and wonder why they are on edge, and constantly feeling irritable. The need to be slower  dawned on some Italians in the nineteen nineties that our society is/was reaching a tipping or crisis point of too much, too fast. Via out taste buds they focused on food and consuming it more slowly.


This counteracts some new words such as rushaholism or  speedaholism with old words such as savoring our experiences. Mae West once said that “Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly”, she meant sex, and she was right, what is the need to have rushed sex?. And how can this be applied to other areas of our lives. Being in a rush does not just apply to men. Women in family raising plus having a full time job live in the same pressure cooker. It’s as if we need to compete with our computers in doing so many tasks. Paradoxically they, the computers were there to make our life more easy not more busy.

The task in anger management is to get the mind to be more efficient in making smart decisions. Today the right half of the brain (the experiential half) is under used and the left half (the worrying part) is being over used. Driven by anxiety and greed we are terrified of missing out. And the more we feel we have missed out the more terrified we become. In addition being busy means we don’t have to spend any time with our feelings. It’s a trap with no escape.

Yesterday we said “go west young man” Maybe now how scary is it to think “Stay where you are and go slower” (and be less angry).

Source: National Post


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